Welcome to the website of Jay Wexler.   So glad you could make it.  Can I get you a snack? 










Hello.  Welcome to my personal website.  This is one of three parts of my three-part web empire, or what I like to call my "webmpire."  Here, you will find, if you want, and didn't come here totally by accident, a list of my published stories (with links when available, and sound files of me reading them into a microphone if I got around to it), some paintings, and various other things that I've written or done.  You can also have a nice snack. 

This page will remain pretty constant, and I won't be updating it much, though I will try from time to time to add a new snack, for variety's sake.  I mean, who wants to eat the same snack over and over and over again, anyway? 

I have two other webpages.  One is the webpage for my upcoming book Holy Hullabaloos: A Road Trip to the Battlegrounds of the Church-State Wars, to be published by Beacon Press in June, 2009.  This website will have reviews, excerpts, deleted material, links to things I talk about in the book, and all sorts of other bric-a-brac.  The other is my blog, in which I discuss lots of different stuff, from the book to other things I'm writing to various recommendations and rants, and also swans.  The blog is generally updated at least once every weekday.  Thank you for paying a visit to the webmpire, and I hope you will come again soon.