All Sorts of Videos


Me reading a piece called "Eagle Party" at the Sanibel Island Writers Conference in November 2011


Video of my son reading the Boston Globe's review trashing Odd Clauses


Literary Death Match reading of my story "You are Not Tu Fu" at the Enormous Room in Cambridge



Animated Video I made called "So You Want to be President"



Video of animated me reading my story "Black and White Zoo"



Video of my family's catch phrase, "Daddy Doesn't Know"



Wexler versus Prothero



Holy Hullabaloos related video made by Jessie Bennett of Beacon Press about Grendel's Den


Holy Hullabaloos reading at Barnes & Noble in Kenmore Square


Book TV (CSPAN) reading of Holy Hullabaloos and Church/State discussion from ACLU New Mexico (link only)

A speech I gave on intelligent design and the Creation Museum at the University of West Virginia Law School (link only)

Book TV (CSPAN) discussion of Odd Clauses from Brookline Booksmith, November 2011  (link only)