In August 2012 I published my first book of fiction, The Adventures of Ed Tuttle, Associate Justice, and Other Stories.  It is a collection of short stories, humor pieces, paintings, a script for a sitcom about death row, and some other stuff.  Not too many people read it, but you can be one of them, if you order it here.

A review of the book and podcast of an interview I did with Constitutional Daily.  (and in a related post, I think that Above the Law may have called the book "absurdist legal humor for the win")

This is a very cool little review of the book from the Concord Monitor, calling it "zany," "absurdist," "laugh out loud," and, most surprisingly, "thought-provoking."

This was the first review of the book, from a great website called "Simple Justice."  My favorite line is "If Jay Wexler insane, then this book is how it spreads."

Here's a review from the inimitable Kevin Underhill and his hilarious website "Lowering the Bar" (also discussing my most recent Supreme Court humor update)

Here's an interview I did with Julianna Baggott, author of the NYT 2012 Best Books of the Year List Making Novel Pure.

Here's an interview I did with John Warner (author of The Funny Man and previously web editor of McSweeney's) about the book.

Here's a short piece I wrote for Publishing Perspectives about publishing the book with a very small press.

Here's a piece I wrote for Salon about clerking for Justice Ginsburg.  Not exactly about the book, but, you know, related.