Coming December 2015Like many men his age, Ed Tuttle is having a mid-life crisis.  He is bored with his job, uncertain about his faith, and unable to find love in the wake of divorce.  Unlike most other men his age, however, Ed Tuttle is a justice on the United States Supreme Court.  As the swing vote in one of the most contentious terms in recent memory, Justice Tuttle holds the future of the nation in his hands, a tall order for someone who can barely get through a weekend without making a monumental life mistake.  In this hilarious and poignant debut novel, JayWexler—law professor, humor writer, and former law clerk to Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg—reminds us that power is wielded by real, often emotionally fragile people and that nobody, regardless of how successful, powerful, rich, intelligent, lucky, or influential they may be, is immune from the feelings of restlessness, doubt, and anxiety that are inherent in living in the modern world.

Coming March 2016Whether it’s Hindus in Mumbai carrying twenty-five foot plaster idols of Ganesh into the sea, or Taoists in Hong Kong creating poisonous fumes by burning bushels of “ghost money,” or American Palm Sunday celebrants contributing to the deforestation of Central American palm forests, religious practices can sometimes cause significant damage to the environment. In this book, law professor Jay Wexler travels the globe–from Alaska to India, from Singapore to Mexico and beyond–to investigate instances where religious practice and environmentalism collide, in order to understand the complexity of these problems and learn how society can best address them. Whether he’s feasting on whale blubber above the Arctic Circle, bumping along in the back of a battered jeep through a Guatemalan jungle, or learning how to pluck a dead bald eagle at the National Eagle Repository, Wexler never fails to entertain as he tries to answer the question: can religious practice and environmental protection coexist?

The Adventures of Ed Tuttle, Associate Justice
The Odd Clauses
Holy Hullabaloos