The Los Angeles Review of Books ran a great review of Our Non-Christian Nation a few days ago.  The review is called “An Exquisite Cacophony,” and it’s very interesting, well-written, substantive, and positive.  The review can be found here.  But here’s a little excerpt:

“Wexler is looking closely at the nation’s behavior as it pertains to the United States’s so-called “Establishment Clause.” He’s a professor at Boston University School of Law, so in a position to provide a capable assessment of the existing law. He does that, in a highly readable way, with his own wry assessments of how that law came to be written . . . a zesty, opinionated assessment of how non-Christians should actually behave . . . with curiosity and openness, Wexler performs the action that he advocates: that is, making heard a ‘cacophony’ of voices in public life so that different viewpoints get brought to the fore.”