Nina McLaughlin wrote this nice assessment of Our Non-Christian Nation in the Boston Globe the other day:

Boston University law professor and Peabody-Massachusetts raised Jay Wexler’s latest book, “Our Non-Christian Nation: How Atheists, Satanists, Pagans, and Others Are Demanding Their Rightful Place in Public Life ” (Redwood), out this week, explores the shifting battle lines between church and state, detailing how the Supreme Court has “torn down the wall of separation,” and the ways in which “Atheists and other non-Christians have taken advantage of this post-separationist legal regime to participate in public life alongside the Christian majority,” as well as the ways, positive and negative, they’ve been received. Wexler, a self-described atheist who has a master’s in religious studies from the University of Chicago, has made a timely, at times funny, and compelling piece of reportage looking at a variety of religious groups, as well as a strong argument for the importance of a pluralistic society, urging non-Christians to “demand their equal place” in the public square.

Thank you Nina, and thank you Boston Globe!