This next month is going to be busy, with lots of reading and discussion events.  Here’s the list so far:

March 21st  Brookline Booksmith, Discussion of When God Isn’t Green, 7pm

March 28th  Boston University School of Law, When God Isn’t Green Mini-Symposium, 12:45-2 (featuring commentary by Paul Horwitz, John Nagle, and Sarah Schindler)

March 30th  Kramerbooks, Washington DC, Discussion of When God Isn’t Green, 6:30 pm

April 5th  Georgetown Law School, Washington DC, panel discussion about writing about the Supreme Court, 5:30 pm (moderated by Tony Mauro, guests include Irin Carmon, Anthony Franze, David Lat, and Kim Roosevelt)

April 21st  NYU Bookstore, New York City, Discussion of When God Isn’t Green, 6pm

May 2nd  Americans United for Separation of Church and State, Rochester NY Chapter, talk about Our Non-Christian Nation, time TBA

I hope you can make it if you live nearby one of these places.  It would be great to see you and maybe drink some Jameson with you from a red plastic cup.  Cheers!