The AV Club’s “Gift Guide for Procrastinators” has some nice things to say about Tuttle in the Balance, which it lists as being a good choice for the Veep fan in your life:

Penned by a Boston University law professor and former Supreme Court clerk, Tuttle In The Balance offers a goofy and fundamentally human take on one of the nation’s top government figures that’s likely to appeal to those who prefer political humor to political drama. During the course of Wexler’s debut novel, the titular fictional Supreme Court justice helps a woman steal her dog’s ashes, gets punched by the chief justice after drunkenly attempting to hook up with her, and provokes a brawl in chambers by responding to a pontificating conservative judge by chirping like a bird. Along with the laughs, it also delivers some solid musings on success, friendship, and aging.

This is the first time I’ve seen Tuttle publicly compared to Veep, and it makes me happy not only because I love Veep but also because I’ve always thought Tuttle could be made into a television show like Veep.  So, umm, yay.