I’m super excited about the fall of 2015 because I’ll be publishing two new books–a non-fiction book and my first novel.  The non-fiction book is tentatively called “God is Not Always Green: When Religious Practice and Environmentalism Collide,” and will be published by Beacon Press, hopefully in September.  The book relates my travels around the world (India, Taiwan, Guatemala, Alaska, etc.) to places where religious practices have harmed the environment and discusses the lessons that I’ve learned about how societies and government can manage these conflicts.  The novel is called “Tuttle in the Balance” and will be published by Ankerwycke Press in December.  Ankerwycke is the name of the American Bar Association’s new trade imprint–the ABA is trying to reach more consumers who are not necessarily lawyers, and they’re beginning to publish fiction late this year (their first novel is by David Lat, of Above the Law fame).  My novel is a continuation of the title story of my story collection “The Adventures of Ed Tuttle, Associate Justice and other stories,” and tells the tale of a Supreme Court justice having a mid-life crisis in the middle of one of the biggest terms in recent years.  Among other things, it involves Taoism and a frisky cat.  I’m hoping to do as many readings as I can next fall and winter, so if you know of any reading series or great bookstores in your town that might be willing to have me, please let me know.