Twitter Feed Mentioned in the Washington Post

Robert Barnes of the Washington Post mentioned @SCOTUSHUMOR in his piece for the Washington Post about Supreme Court groupies like Supreme Court Haiku and Josh Blackman.  I’m a groupie, I’m a groupie, yay.  Barnes says that Justice Ginsburg always comes in last in the laughter standings, but that’s not true.  Sometimes she’s tied for last.  And most of the time, she does in fact beat Justice Thomas out for 8th place.  Last year was an exception, because Thomas spoke once, and when he spoke it was a joke, and he got a “(laughter)” for it.  I saw RBG at a function at Harvard Law School not long after that and I said, “Justice Thomas got a laugh!” and she replied, “nobody knows what he said.”  I laughed at that. Here’s the link to the Post piece:

Buenos Aires is Awesome

We’ve been living in Buenos Aires now for about 6 weeks, and by now it kind of feels normal. It’s a great city, and we’re doing all sorts of things that you should do when living in Argentina. I’ve eaten tons of beef, learned that I love blood sausage, went to a real futbol game and decided that I’m a fan of Independiente (please don’t beat me up if you like a different team, thanks), drunk a small sea of Malbec, all of which is delicious and cheap, and have been continuing my Spanish studies at a nice school called Vamos, where Karen also studies (for 4 hours a day, because she’s muy fuerte). Next week I start teaching my course in US Constitutional law at UBA, and otherwise I’m writing, trying to finish my book on religious practices and the environment by December. Trips to Uruguay, Patagonia, and Peru are in the...