Wexler’s stories are refreshingly original; forthright, inventive, and whimsical without being precocious; and like all great comedy, almost subliminally laced with a hint of the things we all struggle with like love and death.

Dan Kennedy

author, Loser Goes First and Rock On: An Office Power Ballad

“If Jay Wexler is insane, then this book is how it spreads.” Simple Justice

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Twitter Feed Mentioned in the Washington Post

Robert Barnes of the Washington Post mentioned @SCOTUSHUMOR in his piece for the Washington Post about Supreme Court groupies like Supreme Court Haiku and Josh Blackman.  I’m a groupie, I’m a groupie, yay.  Barnes says that Justice Ginsburg always comes in...

Buenos Aires is Awesome

We’ve been living in Buenos Aires now for about 6 weeks, and by now it kind of feels normal. It’s a great city, and we’re doing all sorts of things that you should do when living in Argentina. I’ve eaten tons of beef, learned that I love blood...